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AxelGlad™ Inflatable Foot Balance Pedal

Realize the true potential of your body with the Inflatable Foot Pedal.

Who could have thought a foot pedal can have such far-reaching effects? Move to the next level of fitness with the pedal and make every rep count. From perfecting your Pilates technique to enhancing those body-shaping workouts & improving body balance during Yoga, the foot pedal has many surprises up its sleeve. Throw it under your feet, back, elbows, wrists, or bum, and get a nice workout anywhere at any time.

It’s a double-sided cushion that helps your body achieve what was previously thought as impossible!

Relieves Foot Pain

Got sore feet from keeping them on the hard floor at the office? Just place the foot pedal under your desk and feel the pain evaporate!


    ✅Stimulates The Muscles

The massage bumps have the same effect as that of acupuncture, stimulating the muscles and nerves for maximum healing.

✅Supports Training

Ideal for the yoga and fitness freaks out there. It gets you in the right posture where your upper limbs and knees are stabilized to nail any workout with maximum results.

 ✅Restores Body Balance

Keeping the feet on the pedal for extended hours will lead to a significant improvement in overall body balance and posture; great for sportsmen and fitness freaks

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✅Use Anywhere, Anytime

No matter whether you’re at your home, office, or traveling, the pedal feet is lightweight to be carried anywhere for use at any time.

Indoor Inflatable Stepper

 ✅Package Included

1*AxelGlad™ Inflatable Foot Balance Pedal.
1* Air Pump.